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June 2015



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May. 8th, 2015

[sticky post] Welcome!

Amber Ink is the personal writing blog of Amber Penglass, known in RL (that mythical HiDef thing people insist is better than anything) as Catherine Petty. Hi! Here you'll find updates to wordcount, publishing prospects, and side projects pertaining to this hobby/self destructive thing. Enjoy!

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Jun. 14th, 2015

(no subject)

Just read that Laini Taylor's coming out with another trilogy!!! Que squeal of wait-induced insanity... Daughter of Smoke and Bone is among my favorite stories, right up there with the Tamora Pierce books that first got me thinking about stories of my own when I was, like...Eight? Ten?

In other news, pretty sure The Tiered Throne is going to end with a part 3, at least in this second draft. We'll see once I get to the pruning stage...

May. 25th, 2015

Old Dreams and Younger Selves

So today I was unable to type up a storm like usual, but still felt like working in my own world(s). So, I pulled up an old story of mine, Vow of Serenity (yeah, a Sailor Moon fanfic, so what? :-P), and imported it into a Google Doc (the program I use for pretty much all my writing now) so I could start dissecting it and figuring out what conceptual parts of the plot I wanted to try to incorporate into the rewrite. I started rewriting it years ago when I first finished it, but lost interest since it had lost it's 'new and shiny' feel.

Since I was importing one chapter at a time, I ended up skimming through it as I did so, essentially rereading it. I was reminded, harshly, that I started the thing when I was about fifteen, first posted at sixteen, and finished it when I was just over the rainbow of twenty. That story took me through my high school graduation, most of my college life, one failed engagement, and the end of it saw me find my better half. There's even a chapter posted when I was in Chicago with an old friend visiting her future wife. It was during that trip I re-met my childhood sweetheart and future husband.

On one hand, a teenager finishing a 400 page novel with a solid plot and character development is nothing to sneeze at. On the other hand... It was an A/U Sailor Moon fanfic written in my own fantasy world and set in a time of war when I knew nothing about life, let alone war (still don't, not stupid enough to claim otherwise). The thing is drenched in naivete, poor grammar, logical loopholes, and just plain rosy-cheeked teenagerness. But I love it. I love the girl who had no freakin clue, about anything, who just wanted to put something she enjoyed out there for others to enjoy, too. That was all. Well, that and to feed a rather unhealthy addiction to watching the review counter go up...

So, on the off chance anyone reads this, ever, and ever wrote anything for themselves or for the sheer enjoyment of it in their younger years, I say this; go back and read it. It'll probably make you smile. Or at least inspire you to pick up a Grammar For Dummies, ha!

May. 15th, 2015

Another TT Update

Another 5k words or so. Also begun having to pull myself away from dissecting part one...part two isn't even finished... If I let myself go back and rework it now I'll never get part two finished and it will just be a vicious cycle, I know this... But I still want to go in with a hammer and chisel and jackhammer and grenade... Also been feeling unnaturally fond of excessive ellipses...

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May. 10th, 2015

Fanart and a Lack of Supervision

Well, here I am, at work. No bosses. All my tasks thoroughly taken care of, and then some. Even worked ahead on some stuff. No people in sight. Google Docs, here I come!!!

Also, I have begun talking to one of my favorite people about getting some sketches done of some characters. More on that later! Soooo excited!

May. 8th, 2015

The Tiered Throne Progress

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May. 7th, 2015

Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive, Ah ah ah ah....

Just a note to say I'm not dead and after fighting with Blogger I remembered this thing exists. Planning on transitioning this into my official author's blog for ongoing projects. We'll see how this works...

Jun. 13th, 2012

Sound the Clarion Chapter 13 - uncensored

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Jun. 8th, 2012


This is something I typed out the same day I received the only flame I've ever had that actually qualifies as a true flame, meaning there was zero constructive contribution, and zero number of relevant points made. It is unedited, not proofread, spellchecked, etc. Just a heads up.


Let me start out by saying that there is a difference between flames that are constructive, and just plain flames. The first I don’t actually consider flames; be as crushing as you wish, but be constructive or at the very, very least, don’t make assumptions.

It has been a very, very, very long time since I have been this infuriated. Now, because a reviewer chose to leave his two cents anonymously, this is my only means of setting him straight... Not that it’s likely he’ll ever see it. But just in case anyone else had similar thoughts in the back of their minds, here is my rebuttal, Oatmeal (great satirical comic, go look it up) style.

Also, I have a rule about not deleting reviews, no matter how moronic. People are entitled to their opinion. Having said that...

“First and most obvious thing is that Shepard wasn't born during the First Contact War. Literally she/he wasn't even alive yet.”

- Both wrong and correct. She/He wasn’t born during the First Contact War, but he/she was alive during the war; if you had waited until relatively early on in chapter two, this very point is made in a conversation between Shepard and Anderson. Shepard was born April 11, 2154. The First Contact War began in 2157. She would have been roughly three years old. Never at any point in chapter one did I claim she was born during the war. I think you may have misread the summary, which states ‘...ongoing first contact war.’ To save you time looking for a dictionary, ‘ongoing’ means ‘still happening.’

“Next would be that the spacer/war hero/ paragon doesn't work, because the war hero route is based on saving a planet from Batarian raiders something like 30 years after the First Contact War ended. Thus, there is a HUGE timeline problem.”

- Spacer; The spacer background absolutely still works because what in my AU prevents Shepard from still being born to a military-background spacer family? Nothing, since all of that would have taken place and been established before the war.

- War Hero; hint hint...THIS story is her ‘war hero’ experience. Alternate Universe? Ever hear of the concept? Pretty sure being a keystone for ending a interplanetary war ranks just fine with saving a planet from Batarians.

- Paragon... I’m sorry, again, how does anything taking place in chapter one preclude her from being paragon?

“The next and most obvious issue is that it makes no sense that the Turians would be using indentured servants/slaves in their households of a race that they *literally* are still at war with.”

- Obviously you’ve never read ‘the Wheel of Time,’ which is where I borrowed this concept. So the idea of an honorable enemy sparing the noncombatants but still making use of them (instead of wasting resources on warcamps) doesn’t make sense to you, but you’re ok with giant bug aliens, asari telepathy, and heroes being brought back from the dead?

- Actually, there are tribes in Africa that do this in reality, as well. One word; RESEARCH!!!

The next most obvious thing is that unless there is a dramatic shift in how the war played-”

- Ow. Ow. Ow. My brain. YES THERE WAS A DRAMATIC SHIFT. The First fleet arrived in time to prevent the bombardment of Shanxi!

“-but the war itself only lasted a few months, with a complete collapse of the SA fleets probably within a year or two at most once the Turians actually started getting serious. Thankfully in the OTL the Citadel stepped in and put things to a stop before that.”

- Someone save me. Please. Someone find this man and explain to him the concept of ‘AU.’ Do I need to put it in the summary? Again, I thought the fact that the summary states the FCW is still happening would be a pretty big clue. Or do I need to go back and rewrite the first chapter to slap the reader with ‘HEY GAIS DIS IS DIFFERENT THAN TEH GAME, KAY?’
-Also, again in chapter two, it is mentioned how the war was extended. But you wouldn’t know that.

“Basically...the timeline is completely off. Shepard can't exist as she is because she wasn't born yet-”

- Wrong. Even in the canon timeline, Shepard was born before the First Contact War, as stated above.

“-and the events that made her a "hero" in the first place haven't happened yet.”

- Exactly. The event that makes her a hero IS THIS STORY.

“The next thing is that the Turians wouldn't be enslaving humans in the first place since they're still at war with them, to say nothing of the fact that the Turians don't opperate that way regardless.”

- ‘Operate,’ not ‘opperate.’
- ….Please, share with me this info source you have confirming beyond a shadow of a doubt turians wouldn’t do this. If there is a canon entry in the codex I missed, please, show it to me and I will scrap this whole story.

“Basically, epic fail within the very first chapter.”

- Basically, you’re an unimaginative a moron. Stick with manuals and history books.

I feel better now. :-)

May. 28th, 2012



...yeah that about sums it up.

Let's see...my best friend went and got married at the Highland Games here in Las Vegas, and I wasn't able to be there because it was a spur of the moment thing and I was off doing the 48hr Film Festival. Silly girl thought she'd get away with it. Oh, no, this maid of honor WILL have her glory day. She's getting a real wedding, damnit, if I have to pry the wedding planner from her mother's cold, dead...

Sorry, forgot for a moment this was a blog aimed more at my story stuff. Apologies. Now, there's been some great character development...

OH and I got a dog! Darling five year old dalmation named Princess (yeah, that's changing, like, yesterday. >.<), who is the new love of my life. And this from a cat person. 

Now, seriously, story stuff...

1) Second draft of the first half of book one of the Oracle Wars is submitted. Now to wait for the pile of red-ink drenched paper. Figuratively, of course.

2) Sound the Clarion is....seemingly much more popular than I ever anticipated. It's not 5k reviews huge or anything, like some from more fan-heavy fandoms like Harry Potter or (blargh) Twilight, but I've seen it mentioned in a few forums, and there's even an artist on DA who referenced my concept of turian females and their fringes.

3) Speaking of fanart...and this is the best part o this whole post.... I HAVE FANART FOR SOUND THE CLARION WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! No, I won't restrain myself on my own blog, damnit. I'm happy and YAY and OMG and SHWEEEEET!

Go check it out, it's of Kelly and Sidonis, a spur of the moment pairing I put in the story quite literally as I was writing the chapter they first appeared in. It wasn't planned, it just...worked. And now I've got plot bunnies waving a spin-off short story in my face... We shall see. :-)

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